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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

In cases involving family mediation, the old adages “time is money” and “timing is everything” take on a renewed truthfulness. In mediation, the length of the entire proceedings as well as the final agreement’s success can be dependent on critical issues involving timing. Some of them are literal timing concerns – like the meeting time for the mediation sessions. Others, however, may involve the speed at which one individual wants to move the mediation versus the other party.

This strategy should also be applied to any relatively recent family issue such as a divorce. All this is a result of non- communication. When people go on without communicating with each other for long intervals it gives rise to doubts and suspicions which lead to bonds getting weaker within the family. After a while, members end up arguing and fighting over family matters which lead to dispute. This is where mediators come into play. Family mediators are people who work at the family mediation centre and provide services to families that are dealing with sensitive issues like disputes over property, custody of a child or elderly care.

The bulk of the charges that will burden the spouse are directly related to the time taken in the divorce process. As solicitors make up billable hours, the fees will increase. A further complication is where the parties involved cannot agree on the share of the aforementioned equity. Deciding the fate of children becomes easier due to their involvement in the mediation process As time lapses accumulating legal fees can rapidly skyrocket, making beneficiaries of your wealth lawyers representing you in court. Mediation saves you money because you are taking control of the process and decision making.

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When we decided to get separated, I and my husband chose Barclay Devere for mediation services. Thanks to these people our divorce was finalized in no time and we both got what we wanted.”

– Andy