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What is Mediation and how is it Effective?

As of April 1st 2014 any disputes between private/commercial clients or individual clients has to go though the MIAMS process. Essentially both parties get together and discuss their problems with one another and attempt to come to a logical conclusion before it goes to court. Nevertheless, if it does get to court the judge must see that both sides have gone through due process otherwise the case cannot continue.

What We Do

At Barclay Devere, we professionally deal with commercial, private and individual clients who are involved in disputes. Our aim is to sit both parties down and allow them to freely express their opinion in an open and constructive environment. Moreover, we encourage both sides to come to an amicable agreement, whereby the dispute does not have to be solved in court.

We understand that legal fees can be costly and we are here as intermediaries to try and prevent a dispute from getting that far.

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Good Job Guys

They work seven days a week and offices as spread out as theirs it was convenient for me to convince my ex to work out a reasonable solutions after all the fiasco.”

– ken