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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Balclay Devere Mediation Services

Here at Barclay Devere Mediation, we offer impartial mediation services to commercial companies, private companies and individuals. Services provided are done so in a professional, meticulous and efficient manner. We are focussed on resolving disputes in a peaceful and understanding way.

Mediation – What is it and how does it work?

Mediation is process whereby individuals or companies can discuss their problems and disputes with one another in a calm, non-judgemental and constructive environment. Both points of view are listened to and carefully considered and a resolution is worked towards in a constructive way. Mediation is channelled through an understanding professional who can guide the dispute and manage it carefully.

It provides the involved parties with a voice and allows them to share their opinions. Essentially, this is better alternative then simply taking the dispute to court whereby court and lawyer fees can snowballs into five or six-figure sums. Our aim is to be the intermediary body that prevents disputes from getting this far.

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With most of their mediators having legal knowledge about Family and Commercial Law it was an obvious choice for me.”

– John