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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Barclay Devere offers professional, effective and efficient mediation services to those individuals entangled in family, civil and commercial disputes.

We have decades of experience in the mediation industry and seek to solve any disputes that may have arisen in a constructive and appropriate manner.

– Imperatively, the mediation process has been set up as a way to solve disputes in a meticulous manner and to provide self-resolution.

– Mediation may be used and is suited to individuals who have found themselves involved in a dispute whereby a compromise cannot be found; thus, a professional body needs to step in and resolve the situation peacefully.

– Essentially, our mediation services are centred on listening to both sides’ argument. Once we have established what the dispute entailed and the mechanics of it, we will work towards a solution that is applicable for both parties.

– Using our company can be a cost effective way of solving disputes as taking a dispute to court can incur astronomical legal costs, which individuals and companies cannot usually afford. We offer our mediation services at a competitive rate.

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Good Job

Divorce can be very hard when your wife is not just ready to hear out your viewpoint. We were not getting anywhere while discussing within ourselves regarding the division of assets and then we decided to go for family mediation at Barclays. Thanks to the understanding and professional mediators over there all the proceedings went smoothly and we split cordially.

– Henry