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Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Have you ever been in a conflict where you and the other person could not see eye to eye? In such times, a mediator is the best way to help both parties understand one another and come to a fair, mutually beneficial agreement.

Why mediators work:
1) Mediators are impartial third parties with everyone’s best interest at heart
2) No one feels like they’re not being heard
3) The mediator helps the clients reach a mutually beneficial agreement

For whom mediation works:
1) People seeking fair custody agreements
2) Business partners looking to go their separate ways
3) Any pair of individuals (or groups) seeking a mutually beneficial agreement

Principles of mediation
1) The mediator does not make the final decision, they merely aid in the process
2) Either party may end the process at any time
3) The mediator helps develop strategies to overcome obstacles which hinder agreement

Benefits vs. court
1) Less cost
2) Less stressful
3) More likely to get fair results for all parties

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Excellent Job

If it weren’t for Barclays my divorce would have been a nightmare. Twas completely my fault but if the things got out in the open in a public trial, my family would have been destroyed. Barclays saved me from all the shame and made way for a smooth and out of court divorce. The practically saved my life.

– Gibson