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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Mediation Services

Mediation services provide an avenue to resolve family, community, civil or commercial disputes in a cost effective and controlled manner that allows individuals to stay in control of the whole process. During the mediation process professionally trained mediation experts provide impartial an view to assist negotiations, and also provide legal advice where required.

Mediation works because:

  • it is optional and parties choose to become involved rather than being coerced
  • the process is more relaxed than formal proceeding and so is less confrontational
  • parties involved stay in control of the process and the outcome, which results in a more convivial atmosphere
  • the outcome is not imposed but agreed to, so parties have more buy-in to maintaining the end solution

When using mediation services disputing parties to resolve their issues without needing to resort to expensive litigation by using a common sense approach agreed to by participants to ensure success

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I felt like my life was over when my husband sent me the divorce papers. I was too egoistic to accept that in front of him and signed the papers. We went to Barclays for the mediation of our assets but after talking to the mediators we both realised that this marriage is not over and that we both must give it another shot. They literally saved our marriage. Can’t thank them enough.

– Max Moore