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Mediation - Sorting out Disputes but with a Gentle Touch

Are you in the middle of an unsavoury litigation crisis? You’ll know the delays, high costs and frustrations associated with the trial of family matters. People who have been through litigation find that more is being spent on litigation than the costs to settle the matter. A far better approach is mediation which brings about a quick solution with disputes over property, disputes over custody of children and even pets or disputes over divorce and much more.

Mediation Wraps Up Disputes Quickly

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes. It simply involves a discussion with all parties concerned instead of the presentation of witnesses and evidence in a trial or arbitration. Instead of a drawn out process, with mediation the entire process is wrapped up in a day or even less.

Private, Confidential and Amicable Discussions

The mediation session is private and confidential and no records are made of the proceedings. It can be far more cost-effective to meet at a time and place where all parties can relax and where all concerns surrounding the dispute are discussed freely and openly and concluded in a way which leaves everyone satisfied.

An Unbiased Intermediary

The role of the mediator is to simply act as an unbiased intermediary. Their aim is to settle difference amicably with both sides without the need for stressful and court intervention.

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