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John Eccles House,
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Oxford Science Park,
Oxford, OX4 4GP

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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

What We Do As Mediators

At Barclay and Devere we have years of experience of dealing with individuals and business clients who require professional mediation services because a dispute has occurred. Our highly-trained team of professionals are able to offer expert advice and actually work though problems with our clients fully.

The Mediation Process

Once a client approaches us and explain the nature of the dispute, we will attempt to contact the other party involved. Thus, we will attempt to get our client and the other party in a safe environment whereby matters can be discussed both professionally and constructively. We understand that many of our client’s matters need dealing with delicately and that disputes need to be handled with added due care and attention.

Who Does Mediation Work For?

Mediation works for a range of individuals from huge business conglomerates (who may be entangled in a dispute worth millions) to family issues (whereby relationships need to be restructured and rebuilt). We train our team to be experts in the rhetoric of mediation and to understand that all parties have a ‘voice’ in a dispute.

Furthermore, choosing our services rather then opting for legal proceedings is often financially beneficial for both sides involved in a given dispute.

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Awesome Service

Professional mediators who know how to do their job. At Barclay DeVere they settled our custody clash in just two meetings. Now I’m happily living with my son and his father can visit him on weekends. This was an agreeable solution and without the services of mediators at Barclay Devere, we could have never been able to reach an understanding.

– Ross