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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation should be the first resort for separating couples who are experiencing difficulties in reaching a settlement over financial and custody matters. Mediation has been proven to have many benefits over initiating court proceedings.

Mediation works because:

1. It helps parties to understand the other’s point of view
2. It allows free discussion of issues
3. The mediator is impartial and acts as an intermediary to resolve problems

Mediation works well for:

1. Divorcing or separating parents
2. Grandparents of children with separating parents
3. Same sex couples
4. Extended families

The principles of mediation are:

1. To avoid the formality of the courtroom when resolving issues
2. To discuss matters openly and informally
3. To enable all parties to put forward their opinions, concerns and ideas
4. To settle matters to the mutual satisfaction of all parties

The benefits are mediation are:

1. Mediation is much cheaper than taking court action
2. Mediation is informal and encourages communication
3. Mediation is a safe and secure way to discuss issues

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Good Work Guys

Mediation at Barclay DeVere turned my divorce smooth and hassle free. What could have been months’ of nuisance turned into just 4 short visits and the I parted ways with my wife on a peaceful note. Thanks to Barclay we still maintain a cordial relation.

– Tim