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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Apart from emotions, the cost implications of going to court to settle disputes also heighten. In Barclay Devere, we believe that mediation is definitely the best solution to resolve numerous disputes. Our aim is to save your time, effort and money before things become legally uncontrollable.

Mediation involves the following:
• Mediation helps parent, couples and children in divorce conflicts
• It helps parents and extended family members settle family disputes
• It gives relief to victims of domestic violence
• It assists business owners and related parties to resolve business, money, assets and property conflicts
• It helps to end the anxieties of parties over civil, commercial, community disputes
• Mediation is carried out through an impartial, quick, and cost-saving discussion by caring professional mediation experts
• It is conducted on the time and schedule set by all the parties’ consensus
• As compared to solicitors or going to court, mediation costs less than 25% for divorce on average
• Even the Ministry of Justice prefers mediation all-out as compared to going to courts.

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Excellent Job

My daughter and I were very close but then my husband got her custody during divorce. Going to the court wasn’t an option for me and this is why I chose Barclay Devere. I got my daughter back just with the help of mediation talking in the presence of their experts.

– Lane