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Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Barclay Devere offers mediation for conflicts big and small, from noisy neighbours to broken marriages, with a focus on family mediation. Our experienced mediators will help you reach an understanding with the opposing side, avoiding the draining and expensive process of lawsuits.

Professional mediators help two parties in dispute to see things from each others perspective, prevent unconstructive fighting and provide negotiation skills many people lack, creating an environment where conflicts are solved amicably.

Anyone finding himself in a struggle that seemingly can no longer be solved without the help of the law should consider mediation.

Mediation is always voluntary and confidential, the mediators are impartial and keep everyone involved focused on the future, not the past. The parties determine the content and the outcome of the mediation themselves.

Taking a struggle to court is almost guaranteed to end up being a lengthy, expensive affair, with an uncertain outcome you have little control over. Mediation leaves all decisions in your hands, simply helping all involved find a better way out.

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The mediators at BarclayDeVere are great at their job. They turned me and my husband civil from the fighting beasts that we were before coming here. They provided great solutions to all our stand offs and helped us separate peacefully.

– Mills