Family Mediation Brighton

Family Mediation – cost effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

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Family Mediation Brighton

Barclay DeVere is a firm dedicated to providing professional mediation services. Our services have been designed to be affordable, yet highly effective to help you resolve any civil, community, family or commercial disputes that you may be involved in. The mediation process is carefully structured to provide a satisfactory self-resolution between differing parties, without going through the expensive process of litigation. Barclay DeVere undertakes mediation at the local level seven days a week, at a place and time favourable to the parties. Our experts listen to the concerns of both parties in the dispute, and help them come to an amicable solution in a way that is acceptable to involved parties. Furthermore, we remain impartial throughout the entire mediation process.

• Benefits of Family mediation

i) It is a purely voluntary process.
ii) Concerned parties can start and stop mediation as they please.
iii) Agreements are reached based on the virtues of effort and fairness.
iv) It may reduce future conflicts as it focuses on improving communication among family members.
v) It is far much less expensive than litigation and offers a simpler and faster route out of a dispute.
vi) Family mediation is significantly less formal and stressful as compared to court cases.
vii) Family mediation enables you to keep your family disputes away from the public eye as opposed to court cases.
viii) In cases where children are involved, their interests get the foremost attention and consideration.
ix) Family mediation allows you to air your concerns in a less adversarial atmosphere.
x) It allows you to communicate directly with your spouse about issues aggravating your situation.
xi) Family mediation empowers you to make important decisions concerning your family, as opposed to a judge who may not know you or your family or be familiar with family law.

Reasons to work with Family Mediation Brighton

  • Professional workforce - we train all our mediators to Family Mediation Council standards
  • A local company - we have local offices, all with free parking
  • Impartial service - we don't take sides
  • No hanging around - we arrange appointments quickly
  • Flexible appointments - we work around you; during the day, in the evening, at weekends
  • Up front about our fees - we'll tell you, from the start, how much you'll pay
  • Considerate of time - we don't spend unnecessary time on cases; so some types of case have set time scales
  • You're in control - we work with all parties to self-resolve their issues
  • Not just family mediators - we help with community or civil disputes, too
  • Why mediation? - we believe that, compared with other routes, mediation is a quick process and will save you the cost of a solicitor.
Call Barclay DeVere Family Mediation Brighton at local rate on 03300 100 082 or 0203 519 1213 from a mobile.

Find out more about the family mediation process


Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting or MIAM is the term given to an attendance which is held for those individuals wishing to bring a finance matter, a family property matter or a family child matter to court. These meetings are in place to help the different parties involved to resolve their issues more amicably.

The proceedings of the meeting are overseen by a qualified mediator. FM1s are the common name for the Family Mediation 1 Form. The FM1 is a MIAM form, which is filled in, if the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is deemed unsuccessful and the issues between all parties cannot be resolved in such a way. The form is completed by whoever is applying to the courts for help in resolving their issues that cannot be resolved through the MIAM.


Overview of family mediation:

When going through a divorce or separation between spouses, family mediation is the linchpin that makes meetings as smooth and stress-free as possible. It is often hard to come to a place of agreement when reaching this point between two lovers. More often than not, it takes the presence of a third party that can see the couple’s collective needs to complete the process. Family mediators are often adept and skilled at affordably accomplishing this result.

Child arrangement orders

Agreements are usually decided in private without the need of publicising the family's affairs. This process is very essential to acknowledge the child's wishes and feelings. After assessing the circumstances of the family, an officer may make a recommendation of what will be best for the child and also grant the child's wishes.

Prohibited Steps Order (PSO)

Some arrangements may require a prohibitive steps order. This document limits the actions of a parent that makes decisions without consulting or communicating with their ex-spouse. The prohibited steps order can be the solution to your worries and doubts. The document will be a description that explicitly says that the ex-partner is not allowed to make decisions like traveling with your child without both of you signing to grant permission for that to happen.

Why mediation cheaper than court and solicitors

When looking at available options, a mediator may charge fees that a traditional attorney would. Court cases and lawyers can take months or years to complete what a session in mediation can accomplish in a few hours. When deciding which process to choose to handle matters with, the cost-benefit of mediation is hugely beneficial.

Mediators are also adept at handling delicate matters that can cause impressions on children that can last their entire lives. The ability of a mediator to approach these complex situations with a tailored and unique response to a client's circumstances also makes room for difficult settlements to flow smoothly

We can do skype mediation, so if your ex is not local that is not a problem Skype calls are a means of us reaching and getting in contact with our client as well. Long distances between our clients are not an issue for mediation, and it is encouraged to still proceed with the meetings regardless of mobility. Travel stopping plans and obligations are a thing of the past.

Alternative appointments

Evening and weekend appointments are also a possibility because we cater and tailor to our customer’s needs. Having a busy schedule, or just not being able to juggle so many things over a work week no longer has to be a cause for the inconvenience for you.

Our primary concern is that we are thoughtful, fair and private. Our point isn't to be a stage in your family's adventure. Our position is to profoundly and earnestly comprehend your worries as you understand them. To make situations where contrasts give openings. To walk a line that is resultant of creative and unique solutions. To shape terms and agreements that leave the family happy and clear on where their needs need to be met, ultimately fulfilling those requirements as well.

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