Why Barclay DeVere Mediators?


Clients are guaranteed that all mediators working for Barclay DeVere are qualified and work to recognised exemplary professional standards. They are fully committed to providing clients with an exceptional level of service and they are required to retain client confidentiality at all times. They will ensure that every effort is made to conduct the mediation process in accordance with the disputing parties’ needs and in a relaxed, straightforward way that will enable each of the participants to feel comfortable with the process.

Barclay DeVere mediators have legal and/or mediation experience and have been involved in the their area of speciality for several years – often as Family or Commercial Lawyers – and they can be relied upon to maintain a precise level of professional competence.

Barclay DeVere family mediators are accredited to one of the officially recognised Family Mediation Council organisations such as The Family Mediators Association, Law Society, Resolution, National Family Mediation or The College of Mediators.

Call us on 0203 519 1213 or 03300 100 082

Excellent Job

My wife and my mother had a fight and my wife decided to leave the house and file a case against my family and I was against all this. I had a word with Barclay Devere as one of my relative told me about them. It worked like magic and now we a happy family.

– Mason
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