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Mediation is often considered an alternative way of solving issues that may require a court process. This type of dispute resolution service can be undertaken to solve family, financial, civil, property, community or commercial disputes. If you are living in London and wish to get the most out of this, you can call us on a telephone, or visit any of our office in locations such as Barking, Essex and Romford for registration.

Here at Barclay DeVere mediation Barking, we have over the years developed solutions that highly promises parties achieve satisfactory self-resolutions while preserving their rights. This is usually done efficiently and without affecting relationships negatively, or placing huge financial constraints present in court litigation procedures.

Registration for a mediation Barking service is open throughout the week.

When you contact us on telephone or visit any of our Barking, Romford, Essex or London offices for registration, we will plan a MIAM (Mediation information & assessment meeting).

A qualified specialist will listen to your concerns and be able to advice you on the way forward and any legal issues or rights that may need clarification. We mainly aim to aid in communication, with our qualified specialist encouraging free and open discussions between conflicting parties.

This is to try and help them consider the viewpoint of the opponent, and thus assist both parties to come up with an agreeable solution.

Family Mediation Resolution

Here at our firm, we understand that family matters and that their rights are very sensitive, and thus usually need to be handled with care, especially when a child is involved. It is not rare to see court cases where parents go for each other and dragging children into their disputes. It is also not rare to see litigation procedures where parties have incurred huge financial costs when dealing with property.

In most of these cases, seeking a London mediator resolution service would have ensured the dispute was resolved in an effective way, thus help in maintain a positive family relationship.

Our many years of experience and dealing with family disputes such as partnership breakdowns, separations or divorce, have shown us that they can traumatic for those concerned, parents and children alike.

This is why our firm in areas such as London, Barking, Essex, Romford and other places aim to ensure parents and family have an effective and productive resolution service to find the best way forward and ensure parties know their rights. When you contact us by telephone or any other means, we will get back to you as soon as possible to set up the MIAM or first meeting. A qualified specialist will walk you on how the resolution process will work, financial costs, number of sessions, rights of those involved and other issues.

While some property or family issues such as divorce must be made binding through a legal court procedure, our firm believes this type of resolution can be an effective way of dealing with numerous issues.

A qualified specialist will be able to carry out a MIAM and through their many years of experience, they can be able to untangle the complex issues that may surround a divorce or separation. By being impartial, a qualified specialist in our firm will be able to offer the best chances of moving forward for both parents and children.

In addition, our Barclay DeVere mediator firms in London, Barking, Essex, Romford and elsewhere strives to provide a safe, secure and confidential forum where children are involved. This will encourage and allow children to talk freely. Having an open discussion will allow the child to express his/herself without feeling pressurized by any of the parent.

Why should you choose Barclay Devere mediator services?

a) Confidentiality

Our firm clearly understands that this should be confidential, especially in issues involving children, property, or divorce. This is why we give our customers a highly qualified mediator who understands the legal procedures for such as resolution procedure. However, there are some legal exceptions whereby a mediator may advice parties to consider a court process, such as when children rights are under threat.

b) Voluntary

An advantage of seeking such a Barking or London mediation service is that it is voluntary. This means that you cannot be forced to undertake it or agree with its outcome. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consider registration for a MIAM service, and give it a try first to see if it is the better option to deal with disputes, before considering a legal court procedure.

c) Neutral and impartial

When you seek a mediation service from our office for any disputes you may have, you can be sure to be served by a neutral and impartial specialist. This is to ensure you know your rights, come up with mutually agreeable solutions to solve your disputes, and also ensure you maintain a positive relationship with your opponent.

d) Greater control

Unlike in a legal court procedure, parties involved in the dispute are in control of the process. This means that since that since they will be in control of the solutions and they know their rights, they can preserve their relationship, and thus feel not coerced to a solution they do not like.

e) Child focused

Our office aims to ensure that the meditation process is the best interest of the child if one is involved. You can even use it as a platform to plan for the future of your child.

f) An intact relationship

Here at our office, we believe in putting the needs of a family first. We thus aim to preserve such a relationship by ensuring the process is collaborative, unlike legal litigation that mostly results in destroyed relationships.

Remember that if you need to contact us for Barking mediation services, you can visit our office in London, Essex, Romford among others areas or contact us via telephone.

Why customers choose Barclay Devere Mediators Barking?

  • Only offer family mediation
  • Fast appointments
  • Child and financial resolution
  • Accredited mediators
  • Impartial and confidential service