Can i afford family mediation?

Family Mediation is a much cheaper option than going to court


When anyone considers litigation as a means of solving a dispute this can be an extremely expensive option and the process can also involve a considerable amount of time in court. Litigation is also a considerably stressful experience for the majority of people and there is never any guarantee of the outcome going in your favour.


Going to court should always be considered as the final option once others have been exhausted.


If the parties involved in a civil, commercial, community or family dispute can agree to consider mediation as an alternative to litigation, this will involve far less expense, time and anguish. Although you may decide that legal advice during the mediation process may be an advantage; there is no requirement to be represented by a lawyer and most cases reach a settlement without legal interference.


Some clients may qualify for Community Legal Services Funding (previously known as Legal Aid) but we must stress strongly that financial assistance is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain due to funding cuts in the Legal Services Commission budget enforced by successive Governments. Only those in most need are likely to be considered. With much less state aided funding available, many solicitors that previously worked under the Legal Aid scheme are no longer providing services that rely on State funding. Mediation costs less than you think so call us today on 03333 448100 to discuss the potential financial benefits.


Issues relating to the cost of legal services has made mediation an extremely attractive option for resolving Civil, Commercial, Community and Family disputes involving separation, divorce and partnerships as well as other differences.


Most mediation companies operate using a sliding scale of charges structured towards their client’s incomes. Whilst this can be suitable for some, for others it involves some form of means testing that you may find unacceptable. In view of this, Barclay DeVere believes it is fairer to work on an hourly fee basis that is normally split evenly between the parties involved.


Cost family Mediation


You will find that Barclay DeVere mediation charges have been set at an extremely competitive level.


In Family Mediation cases, parties considering mediation should be aware that an additional charge will generally be applied following the conclusion of the mediation process. This is to cover the preparation of two documents that the mediator is usually required to provide to each mediating party that they take to their respective legal advisers to be officially ratified by the courts:


1)     an Open Financial Statement (OFS) which is a detailed account of the financial situation of the mediating parties and …

2)     a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that details the resolution agreed between the parties


Clients will be advised on how much their mediation process is likely to cost once our trained advisors have been able to assess their individual circumstances. If this is likely to change after the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) clients will be advised accordingly.


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