Children Law & Separation

Children Law & Separation

Mediation can be termed as the arrangement of agreements you reach after some kind of family or property disputes. Mediation is better than going to a legal court because of the following reasons:-

1. Mediation generally involves less amount of time than going to a legal court. In other words it is less time consuming. This is particularly helpful if there are children involved. This saves time and does not hamper the future of the children.

2. Another advantage of mediation is that it costs less. This means it is less costly than going to a normal court and pocket friendly. The prices are nominal and reasonably charged unlike normal litigation.

3. Mediation services are impartial and neutral. The mediators’ decision is not based on nepotism. The parties involved in the dispute are hence sure of a fair trial.

4. Most of the people will agree that mediation services are less stressful than normal court trials. The proceedings are not complex and hassle free.

5. One of the best advantages of mediation services is that the parties involved have a say in the whole process. This means they are allowed to take the final decisions.

Having discussed the benefits of mediation service, let’s discuss some tips that couples must follow if there is a child involved in the whole

1. First and foremost, the couple that is the parents involved in the divorce proceedings must know that the child is not a trophy to be won. He is a precious gift. While going through a separation process, the sentiments of the child should be taken into account.

2. Another important aspect is that the parents involved should not utter harsh words about each other. This will not only hamper their image, but can also make the case work against their favor.

3. Last, but not the least before coming to the final agreement do think about the activities related to child, his age, his requirements etc.

During separation the questions that come in mind are:-

1. Who will take care of the child involved?
2. Is the whole proceeding going to turn out ugly?
3. In case of separation takes place, what are the legal proceedings that are going to take place?

If all these questions are going to cross your mind it’s important to take advice from an expert. It is here that mediation services come into the picture.

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