Civil & Community Mediation



When considering civil mediation as a more appropriate way of attempting to reach a settlement in a dispute, you need to be certain that the mediator that you appoint will act in a thoroughly professional manner, with integrity and understanding. Equally, you will need to know you have a guarantee that anything you discuss with the appointed mediator will be kept strictly confidential.

At Barclay DeVere we have an exceptional team of professional mediators who are trained to the exacting standards the industry demands. The majority of our team of commercial, civil and  community mediators are also legally trained and many continue to practise as solicitors or barristers specialising  in areas such as civil or commercial law. They therefore not only have an in-depth understanding of the workings of the legal system but know how the courts operate.

Clients have the assurance that all mediators working for Barclay DeVere are qualified and work to exemplary professional standards. They are fully committed to providing clients with an exceptional level of service and will make every effort to ensure that the mediation process is conducted as straightforwardly as possible. Our mediators all have several years legal and/or mediation experience in the field of civil or commercial law and are highly competent in their fields of expertise.


Barclay DeVere’s Equality Policy

The mediator’s role is never to take sides. Our presence during the mediation process is to ensure that each party has an equal opportunity to state their case so that it is conducted  in a orderly, fair and democratic way.

  • Mediation professionals are not allowed to take sides or be biased in any way
  • They are not allowed to recommend how parties should resolve their differences
  • The mediator’s role is to ensure that the parties are given every opportunity to resolve their own problems in a mutually acceptable way without any third party interference.


Mediation training and the practice and observance of professional standards is an ongoing process for those involved in the profession and mediators are required to regularly demonstrate that they are maintaining the exemplary professional standards expected and that they are current with any changes in legislation.


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