The Options and Civil Mediation Process


Going to court can be a devastating experience for the majority of people; it is also extremely expensive and time consuming. Furthermore it is almost impossible to predict the outcome. The formalities are often incomprehensible to the lay person and this leads to confusion, even intimidation. Find out about the civil mediation process and more by calling today on 0203 519 1213 or 03300 100 082


If there was a more appropriate way to settle a civil dispute, would you consider this as a worthwhile alternative to litigation?


Well there is an alternative … it is called mediation; a low-cost, fast and effective method that provides an opportunity to settle a disputes without the need of court action.

Barclay DeVere is a specialist firm of professional mediators that can help you reach a self-resolution to most civil dispute that you may become involved in.

Although the outcome of mediation is never a foregone conclusion, the majority of disputes that opt to use the civil mediation process settle amicably. It is a highly successful process with over 80% of cases being settled without the need for court involvement.

The mediation process – also known as alternative dispute resolution – is flexible, fast, informal and is a very cost-effective way of resolving civil, commercial, community and family disputes.


Why Civil Mediation?

  • Unbiased dispute resolution without the cost, time and stress involved with going to court
  • A low-cost alternative to litigation that is proven to work
  • The cost of mediation is normally split equally between the disputing parties
  • The mediation process usually reaches a settlement within a day or two
  • Mediation facilitated by experienced resolution professionals that are specially trained
  • Nationwide coverage at a convenient location near you
  • An opportunity to have your grievances and viewpoints listened to within an informal environment by an experienced mediator
  • The participants have a greater level of control over the dispute process without having to experience the formalities and strict protocol of a court room
  • No need to be legally represented unless you wish to be
  • Help to reach a settlement or agreement on your terms
  • The freedom to withdraw from the mediation process if any involved party (including the mediator) considers the parties will not reach a mutual agreement


For any questions on  the Civil Mediation process please call the experts – Call us on 0203 519 1213 or 03300 100 082

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