Divorce and Recession

Affording Divorce During A Recession

One of the most surprising fallout of the recent recession is its effect on marriages. It has been statistically proven that poor couples divorce less due to economic reasons. So how has the recession affected the divorce rate in UK? According to the National Statistics office, there has been a steady drop in divorces since 2003. From 153,065 divorces that were granted in 2003, there was a steep drop in 2011 with 117,558 divorces, a major difference. Falling from 12.9 couples in a thousand in 2003 to 10.2 couples in 2011 divorcing, the recession certainly seems to have contributed to the fall in divorces, in the absence of other proven conditions.

While there are opposing theories on how economics affect marriages, the statistics during this particular downturn suggest that families have chosen to stick together to fight out the economic crisis. Working together to counter problems help in couples growing closer again. Another valid reason could be that couples who are home owners may also want to wait to separate until the value of their homes grow up. In addition, living with another adult reduces expenses to a large extent, and this might be another practical aspect of why recessions lead to a fall in the divorce rate.

Once the economy grows at a steady pace again, researchers are expecting a sharp rise in divorces and separations. All the people forced to live together due to economic issues will be more likely to leave their partners once economic security is more assured. If you are one of those who feel like your marriage is on the brink of a divorce, try calling us. Barclay Devere London specialises in family mediation and we have branches all over the UK. Our cost effective solutions might just help you save the much needed money during a tough time.

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