Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution

Divorce has become a serious issue in a lot of courtiers across the globe. A lot of couples are deciding to get separated because of several reasons. The biggest reason which has been pointed out by most of the couples is compatibility issue. They think that there is always a collision of thoughts and both the husband and the wife cannot agree with anything. They feel that there is nothing common between them. This is the reason why the couples are applying for divorce. Family mediators Croydon

But the couples have to realize that their plea for divorce cannot be accepted just like that. Every country has a different system of addressing the issue of divorce between the couple. Every country’s law defines the term Divorce in a different way. For example, Divorce in England and Wales is based on the irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. They think that a divorce could take place only if the situation of the couple falls under this category. And in order to prove this, there has to be either of the following conditions –

  1. 2 years of separation with consent
  2. 5 year separation without consent
  3. 2 years desertion allegations of unreasonable behavior or adultery

Incompatibility cannot be the basis for initiating the legal process for divorce. This condition is not acceptable anywhere at all.

This situation was explained with a case study. Mrs X wished to divorce her husband Mr X. The reason for her to arrive at this decision was because of her husband’s admitted relationship with a third. Her husband Mr X refused to agree with the allegation of adultery in the acknowledgement of the divorce petition. An agency of family mediation looked into this issue and explained to Mr X that the relationship was still adulterous as it all happened when he was married and a reassurance was given to him that their client was not asking for any costs for going against him. Mr X understood the legal advice given to him and resubmitted the acknowledgement form after agreeing to the divorce and admitted the adultery. After that, all the legal proceedings were carried out smoothly to Decree Absolute. There was no need for a contested court appearance.

The couples have to understand the legal system carefully. They should know that Divorce cannot happen just like that. They have to present strong and valid allegations against the partner, which actually prove to be convincing and applicable. This is the reason why family mediation is being preferred a lot these days. Since the couples are not able to analyze the situation legally, the mediators come up to clear their doubts and make them aware about everything. Family Mediation is the best option for couples who seek help like this. They don’t have to go to the court and get everything sorted by sitting at the place of their choice. There is no need for them to hire a solicitor as everything is taken care by the mediator.

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