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Barclay DeVere Family Mediation Service Basingstoke

Mediation Benefits

When entering into a divorce, you need to consider the legal costs which might be incurred. If you engage solicitors in the legal process you will find that costs can quickly spiral. Solicitor’s costs can soon eat into the divorce settlement and couples can find that, after the divorce, they have less money than they first expected.

Solicitors charge for every single piece of work that they do on your case.

This even includes sending letters and e-mails. Moreover, they log the time that they spend on your case at a very high rate.

In contrast, with mediation, you know what the costs are going to be from the start. With our service, which costs a fraction of legal costs, you can be sure that you will not be charged for services such as letters or telephone calls.

Barclay DeVere Basingstoke Mediation is truly a cost effective solution.

Miams in Basingstoke

In the UK at least one Mediation Information And Assessment meeting is required for court orders that involve children or their finances following the end of a relationship.

This has been introduced to try to avoid difficult legal action. It’s also a far more productive route as it keeps the process non-combative and results in those involved remaining open and constructive.

The c100/form A the standard forms which states whether the mediation meeting has taken place or not, but not any resulting agreement.

Hopefully all that needs to be ticked is the single option in part 1 which states that the applicant attended. Part 4 states that the applicant didn’t attend, and parts 2 and 3 state why.

It’s a clear and concise conclusion to this difficult initial step.

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Why choose Barclay DeVere Basingstoke?

Mediation is an impartial service that puts you in control. Our mediators are trained to consider all clients needs equally and to arrive at a solution that is suitable to you both.

Confidentiality is placed at a premium in mediation. We hold your personal data securely and will not share it with people outside of the mediation process. You can be sure that, however sensitive your personal issues, you will be able to trust our service.

We offer a professional service. Our mediators are experienced in dealing with a range of client needs and requirements. You will be sure to be in safe hands with our mediators.

Mediation is very cost effective. Compared to court and legal costs, mediation is a relatively cheap solution which enables you to get more for your money.

Family Mediation first choice


There are so many factors that suggest mediation is the smarter choice especially when it comes to divorce.

Mediating issues has so many benefits over litigating. Mediation is more healthier and it impacts less stress both to the parents and children if at all there are any involved. It is a voluntary option which means that you are the one that comes up with the idea and makes the decision of choosing mediation as your method of resolving the issue.

The mediator’s role is to help the two of you to come to a more amicable conclusion that is fair to both parties and most importantly to the children. Part of the process involves agreement on how you will co-parent and sharing any property you have as a family.

Since it is a voluntary process, you have the option of either agreeing or disagreeing with the other party.

Compared to the litigating process which involves going to court, this is a much cheaper method and at the end of it all, you come up with a solution that is less-stressful to all the family members involved.
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