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Divorce and separation packages

Finding the right divorce or separation package

When planning a divorce, or separation, you will want to find the package that is right for you. With our divorce and separation packages we provide a fully inclusive service that will give you the peace of mind that you require when undertaking this life changing decision.

Each of our divorce and separation packages is calibrated to provide the right service to match the needs of both of the ex-partners involved in the process.

Fixed price

Our packages have a fixed price which is inclusive of our mediation, and associated, services. Unlike with legal battles where the costs can easily spiral beyond your control, knowing that our price is fixed will assure you that you are in command of the process.

Our fixed price packages include a wide range of services that will help you to proceed comfortably and quickly with your divorce or separation.

You keep hold of your finances

Legal disputes can result in a smaller overall pot of money to share after a divorce. Although you may consider that adversarial legal battles will give you access to a bigger slice of the cake after a divorce, the irony is that the cost of these disputes will mean that the overall cake is smaller.


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Family Mediation Resolution

Quick and efficient Divorce Service

Our divorce and separation packages represent an efficient and simple way to resolve the process. In many cases we can process the divorce, or separation, in a number of months.

The process is even quicker if there is no dispute over childcare, or financial arrangements.

No hidden costs

What we quote is what you pay. There are no charges for hidden services on your final bill.


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Why Barclay Devere

If you are experiencing problems with unruly, noisy or aggressive neighbours, or you are in dispute with a local authority, utility provider etc; Barclay Devere can help bring about a self-resolution to your problem by mediating between the disputing parties.

Benefits of Family Mediation:

  1. Confidentiality – meditation is a confidential process – the discussions cannot be used against either party as evidence in court. However, there are a few exceptions for example when there is a potential threat to human life or safety.
  2. Voluntary – you cannot be forced to participate in the meditation process or forced to agree on your issues.
  3. Neutrality and impartiality of the mediator – a mediator will help you seek mutually agreeable solutions to the issues you’re facing without taking sides. Additionally, the mediator will not give advice or make any binding decision unless both parties give the mediator that power.
  4. Greater control – unlike in a lawsuit, parties are in control of the mediation process. Consequently, they have much greater say in discussions and greater control over the outcome.
  5. Child-focused – family mediation is focused on the needs and interests of your children. It also offers a platform for you and your spouse to plan for the future care of your children.
  6. Preserves relationships – since meditation is a collaborative “win/win” process, it helps preserve relationships that would otherwise be destroyed through years of litigation. See our fees
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