Domestic Violence and the impact on children

Every family has some or the other issues. There are a lot of situations when the members don’t agree with each other on certain issues and end up getting involved in a conflict, a fight or a feud. But then there is one thing which has started spreading across a lot of families. Sometimes these tensions and non-agreements between the family members take the form of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence means beating and thrashing a family member both emotionally and physically. It involves harassing a family member by harming him/her. This includes both beating and the use of abusive language for that particular family member.

The cases of Domestic Violence have been increasing in numbers and a lot of people are becoming the victims of such kind of torture at home. The maximum impact which is created by domestic violence is on the minds of children. In fact, there are a lot of children who become the prey of domestic violence. This includes watching, hearing, being abused or realizing at a later stage that a parent has undergone such a misery. There are a lot of commercial mediation companies in London who regularly come up with such cases in which either the children or the parents are facing domestic violence. These companies understand the fact that these children need special guidance and support so that they can come out of that trauma. The act of domestic violence leaves a deep wound on their overall mindset. It is the job of the mediation company to make sure that those wounds don’t turn into scars.


Children start facing various behavioral difficulties when they fall under the prey of domestic violence. Each child is made to cope up with the impact of domestic violence in different ways. Their procedure for cure depends on different factors like age, stage of development, support system, and personality. There are some indicators which help in determining the kind of impact on the children which are as follows –


  1. Displaying the feeling of anger, guilt, shame, worry or confusion
  2. Having the complaints of physical illness on a regular basis like stomach ache and headache
  3. Showing symptoms of low self-esteem or low confidence
  4. Poor academic performance at school
  5. Having improper communication skills and refraining from building social relationships
  6. Violent behavior in the community or showing involvement in criminal activities


In such situations, it becomes extremely important to take care of the child’s mind. The mind of the child is not fully developed. This is the reason why they fail to understand anything and get involved in doing what they would never think of doing. In order to bring them back from such a traumatized situation, it is important they’re they should be heard properly. All their problems should be listened attentively and try to make them understand that this is not their fault. Their situation should be discussed at Child Protection Officer and keep a record of all the information which they reveal about whatever happened with them.

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