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There is often not the time to deal with referrals if you are a solicitor, or from another agency. In order to make the process easier for you we have several methods for you to complete or online referral form. Either by downloading the form and e-mailing it to us, completing it online, or contacting us by telephone we can process your referral quickly and easily. We meet all statutory agreements that you might expect. We are in possession of an LSC contract, which gives us the power to conduct free, Legally Aided Mediation (given that certain criteria are met). We also have, on request, CW5 forms. These allow clients to gain access to ‘Help with Mediation’ as long as the solicitor has a Legal Aid Franchise. For pre-court application protocols we also have FM1 forms,

The benefits of our service are clear. After quickly acknowledging your request we will proceed to arranging, by letter or telephone call, an Information and Assessment meeting. This will be arranged within a two day window of receipt of the referral. At this stage, we can also offer other services, such as counselling or advocacy services, if children are involved. Naturally, we will let you know if the client agrees to attend this meeting. As mediation proceeds we will make sure that we keep you informed at every stage of the process. Of course, we will advise clients to take legal advice, as appropriate. This is particularly required where cases involve sensitive matters. Such matters may involve children, finances or other assets.

We will make sure that clients are properly advised at every stage of the process. Where necessary, we will arrange legal aid. We can provide a CW5 form which will enable legal aid to be applied for. We can also discuss with clients if they require their requests to be changed into a legally binding document. Through us, additional services can be accessed, including advocacy and counselling.

You can be assured that we work closely with solicitors, and other agencies, in all of our activities. Please contact us to discuss our services, or we can arrange a visit for a personal consultation.

Family mediation solicitors Referral form – WORD DOCUMENT

Family mediation solicitors Referral form – PDF DOCUMENT


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