The Family Dispute Resolution Process

Any kind of family dispute such as a divorce, partnership breakdown or separation, can be a period of disturbance or turmoil for everyone concerned. This can be more aggravated if there are children involved. Any upheaval can be extremely disturbing for everyone.

Mediation can serve as an efficient way of settling a dispute. The dispute may be related to several matters like distribution of property, arrangement of children, etc.

Let’s do a quick swot up on why family mediation is a better process than general litigation:-

1. General litigation is a costly process. Family mediation on the other hand is cost efficient. It does not burn a hole in the pocket of the parties involved.
2. General litigation is a lengthy process; while on the other hand, mediation does not involve much time. This is particularly beneficial where children are involved. This stops there studies from getting hampered. This makes mediation process more efficient.
3. Under general litigation, the court takes the final decision and the disputing parties have no say in the final decision. But, under the mediation process the parties involved have a say in the whole process.
4. Under general litigation the whole process takes place in a court of law, but under the mediation process, the whole process takes place takes place behind closed door in a hushed up manner. The final decision is not revealed to any third party. This allows confidentiality of the whole process.
5. Under mediation there is no scope of favoritism or nepotism of any kind. One can be assured of a fair trial. General litigation on the other hand is a rigid process and there is much beurocracy involved.

What is FDR?
The FDR or family dispute resolution is a practical, less demanding, and reasonably priced way for separating families to solve their problems with the help of FDR practitioner.

Is FDR compulsory?
One can apply to a court for parenting order when you have a certificate from a credible FDR practitioner. Barclay Mediation Reading

The Exceptions
There are exceptions to this requirement ; that is cases under which the case doesn’t apply :
If you are looking for a consent order
You are answering an application
The matter is of grave importance
If there is some family violence
A party is unable to actively take part.
A person has shown serious disrespect.

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