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What We Do

At Barclay Devere, we professionally deal with commercial, private and individual clients who are involved in disputes. Our aim is to sit both parties down and allow them to freely express their opinion in an open and constructive environment. Moreover, we encourage both sides to come to an amicable agreement, whereby the dispute does not have to be solved in court.

We understand that legal fees can be costly and we are here as intermediaries to try and prevent a dispute from getting that far.

Find out more about the family mediation process

Since April 2014, the law has changed to enforce a requirement for couples to seek mediation before applying to the court. This means that if you are in dispute with your partner over a financial or custody matter in your separation you have to prove to the court that you have tried mediation as a first resort.

Couples are therefore now required to attend a MIAM – a mediation information and assessment meeting – to explore options. At this meeting, you discuss with a mediator the way that mediation works and how it can help you with your settlement. You will look together at your potential options and the cost of mediation. You may be entitled to benefit from Legal Aid and a free mediation service depending on your circumstances.

Call 03300 100 082 to speak to one of our Mediators

Why choose Barclay Devere?

1. We are dedicated, professional and highly qualified.

2. We have years of experience in resolving disputes.

3. Our service is caring and confidential.

4. We operate seven days a week in locations to suit you.

Our service Basingstoke

It's Quicker and Less expensive.

Family mediation is usually quicker than the family court procedure and for this reason, it’s generally substantially cheaper.

Just how much does mediation really cost?

The expense of mediation differs with the services needed, see our fees on mediation expenses. Legal Aid is offered.
You decide.

Court can be an extremely demanding experience

Whilst we comprehend mediation can likewise appear frightening, it does tend to be a lot less demanding on the household as a whole and can typically enhance interaction which is the very best method to enhance things for the future.

You preserve control as you are the decision-maker

Court can be essential if a choice truly can’t be reached together however this might wind up being something neither of you desired.
It’s Less Stressful

Family court can handle typical in between 12 and 18 months to reach a last hearing

With mediation we assist to get some short-term plans in place in as little as one hour meeting

Is it confidential?

Yes no conversations or paperwork is passed to anyone without your permission