Family Mediation During Tough Economic Times

Family Mediation Helps During Tough Economic Times

More couples are using family mediation during tough economic times as opposed to divorce. This article is designed to provide a clear insight as to why.

What is family mediation?

Family mediation is an intervention service that is used to help couples that are going through some difficult times in their relationship and seriously considering divorce and separation as a viable means of ending their relationship. The couple may also be already separated and considering divorce.

Why should I consider family mediation and not divorce?

First and foremost, the divorce process is very tedious, stressful and expensive. For most couples, some, or all of these factors are a major stumbling-block when considering divorce. However, the financial aspect of divorce is the greatest deterrent to divorce, especially during these tough economic times. As a result, more couples are now choosing mediation as a cheaper and more convenient option as opposed to divorce, in regards to settling seemingly irreconcilable differences in their relationships. Barclay DeVere Brighton can help couples

What are the benefits of Family Mediation?

• Family mediation will help you and your partner to develop and maintain a continuing relationship as parents. This will help share and consequently reduce the parenthood burden.

• Family mediation will help reduce the trauma, uncertainty, expenses, and the irritating litigation delays associated with divorce. It will enable you to put your time and money into good use and may as well be considered a worthwhile measure of reducing unwarranted financial risks.

• Mediation will help you and your spouse to reopen communication channels and re-evaluate your choices in regards to your relationship.

• Mediation will also help locate the major cause of conflict between you and your spouse, thus ensuring that future related conflicts are diffused before they can cause any long-lasting damage to your relationship.

• Mediation will assist in promoting cooperation between you and your spouse, as it provides an open platform for discussion about the various stress factors present in your relationship. This will help reduce the bitterness and tension that comes with divorce.


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