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Family Mediation Guildford – cost-effective, fast way to deal with children, finance, property and pensions.

Mediation is a way to find a solution for disputing parties, this could regard disputes within either; couples, family, the community or even commercially.

Mediation is a calm and personal way for people to sit down with a fully qualified mediator to discuss any issues that they may have.

There is nothing better than participating or being part of something that you have agreed to be involved in.

Divorce mediation is one of the best methods to resolve divorce issues and the most important thing is that it is a voluntary process and the parties involved have to agree on how they will attend the meetings which are usually regulated by a mediator.

The mediator is impartial and his or her role is to assist the parents come up with a plan that will see the children live a comfortable life. This can be achieved by deciding on how they will co-parent and the method they will use to share their property.

An advantage of this method is that it saves you money compared to if you had gone through the whole divorce process in court. The sessions happen in either a single room or separate rooms and everything you share with the mediator remains confidential.

It is also important to keep the children out of such issues and mediation is the right way to reduce the stress that affects children during divorce. This is the best method when it comes to resolving divorce issues.

Mediation works for a variety of people including;

– couples – families – business associates – community members

The Principles Of Mediation:

Mediation prides itself on being a very caring and confidential process that can help feuding parties resolve their issues, or at least achieve a compromise before the matter has to go to court.

Benefits Of Mediation Compared To A Solicitor Or Going To Court:

Mediation has many benefits which mean that it is a more productive form of settling disagreements compared to court, the advantages include;

– cheaper that legal proceedings
– A lot less aggravation and stress
– Totally confidential

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Find out more about the family mediation process

Since April 2014, the law has changed to enforce a requirement for couples to seek mediation before applying to the court.

This means that if you are in dispute with your partner over a financial or custody matter in your separation you have to prove to the court that you have tried mediation as a first resort.

Couples are therefore now required to attend a MIAM – a mediation information and assessment meeting – to explore options.

At this meeting, you discuss with a mediator the way that mediation works and how it can help you with your settlement.

You will look together at your potential options and the cost of mediation.

A new way of thinking

Mediation services are provided by experienced experts who specialize in mediating family related disputes.

The process is usually reserved for the most complex and involved of family matters and includes the involvement of family members and witnesses to the dispute.

Family members will usually be called upon to represent themselves during a mediation session. This process involves providing the other party with written documents such as statements and testimony, and will also involve negotiations regarding the other party’s share of the budget and custody and visitation schedules.

These are all mandatory steps taken by the court when it allows a mediation service to intervene in the case. Mediation sessions can be brief or long depending on the length of the case and the issues involved.When family members are ready to mediate their own case they should contact us who specializes in this type of mediation service.Its very cost effective for family members compared to the court process and the sucess rate is high especially for child support when family realtionships break down.

In many cases, courts will not allow a family member to take on a case without the assistance of a professional mediator first.This is due to the sensitive nature of the case and the need for confidentiality in order to avoid any potential embarrassment for the family members involved. This allows them to continue with their lives and the cases that are presented by the other party.

The mediator, or neutral party, will then conduct interviews with each party’s witnesses and gather important documentation regarding the case in order to assist the court in reaching a fair and appropriate decision.

A meeting is held in which the mediator will attempt to reconcile the differences between the parties. The result of this decision will either approve the mediation services or reject the mediation services.