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Why Mediation?

Mediation is an effective, confidential process for providing clarity, explaining individuals’ rights and resolving conflict without initiating formal legal proceedings. It provides a platform for parties to explain their issues with support from an impartial advisor who can manage and guide the discussion.

Who is it for?

Parties who are unclear about their options or how to progress with their situation. Barclay DeVere Mediation Leatherhead provides structure and understanding in emotive or difficult cases where communication between parties has become unproductive or broken down completely.

What you should know about our mediation services

What you should know about our mediation services

Have you ever gone through a divorcing period?

Am sure it must have been a daunting and hurting period. However, children are the biggest beneficiaries when any divorce happens. When it comes to court, parents find it hard to come in terms of where the kids will go.

However, mediation services help parents cooperate in the whole divorce process since it is a voluntary process. For our mediation services, mediators are impartial hence children enjoy most benefits.

In addition, you own the decision-making process, therefore, you have a chance to agree with your divorced partner without more confrontation and damages from the court.

When you visit our offices in Leatherhead and learn more about mediation, you will understand that mediation services are cheaper than court and solicitors.

As a result, a good relationship between the divorced partners will be maintained for future co-parenting of children. Another advantage of using mediation services is that children and financial related issues are settled in a peaceful manner.


Finally, both decision makers either in separate or the same room come into an agreement which speeds up the decision-making process.

How Barclay DeVere Leatherhead can help

The principles of mediation are to listen to the issues and provide unbiased, constructive advice. A mediator will explain the options and provide guidance on how the parties can move towards resolving the issues.

What are the benefits?

Mediation will not be as costly as using a solicitor. All areas of the law are covered and it enables parties to air their views in a more relaxed, constructive environment with the aim of agreement or a positive outcome at the end.

Barclay Devere offer a high quality mediation service that is:

1. Professional

2. Dedicated

3. Impartial

4. Experienced

5. Local

6. Convenient

7. Cost-effective

Find out more about the family mediation process

Mediation has long been known to be an excellent alternative to going to court in the case of partner disputes.

When a couple divorce or separate there can be many issues regarding custody of children and financial matters and it can be difficult to reach an amicable conclusion without external help.

The law change of April 2014 means that couples are now obliged to attempt mediation before resorting to court proceedings. This means that they have to go to a MIAM, a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting, and prove to the court that they have made an attempt to resolve the matter through mediation before taking legal action.

At a MIAM, a mediator will outline the structure of the mediation process and discuss both parties’ concerns in an impartial manner while looking at future options. Mediation is cheaper than court proceedings and is less formal and interfering.