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What We Do As Mediators

At Barclay and Devere we have years of experience of dealing with individuals and business clients who require professional mediation services because a dispute has occurred.

Our highly-trained team of professionals are able to offer expert advice and actually work though problems with our clients fully.

Mediation Services Oxford

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging issues in life.

In such a period, there is pain and regrets everywhere mainly for the divorcing partners. However, no one promised that the marriage life would be an easy one, but it is a manageable one. In the recent past, many people who have been involved in divorce have sought help in courts and solicitors which is not always the best option.
You end up spending a lot of money that was not intended to be spent draining your finances. If you facing such challenges, then you are in the right place.

Our mediation service in Oxford are voluntary based hence the parties that seek our services are not forced to get the service. Moreover, the mediators are impartial and cannot take sides when it comes to selling divorce issues.

Therefore, you own the decision-making process making it cheaper not to go to courts and use a lawyer or use solicitors. Maintenance of the parental relationship is also an advantage due to future parenting as well as the management of finances and children related issues.

In mediation, whether the parties are in different or the same room, the process is speedy.

The Mediation Process

Once a client approaches us and explain the nature of the dispute, we will attempt to contact the other party involved. Thus, we will attempt to get our client and the other party in a safe environment whereby matters can be discussed both professionally and constructively. We understand that many of our client’s matters need dealing with delicately and that disputes need to be handled with added due care and attention.

Call 03300 100 082 to speak to one of our Mediators

Who Does Mediation Work For?

Mediation works for a range of individuals from huge business conglomerates (who may be entangled in a dispute worth millions) to family issues (whereby relationships need to be restructured and rebuilt). We train our team to be experts in the rhetoric of mediation and to understand that all parties have a ‘voice’ in a dispute. Furthermore, choosing our services rather then opting for legal proceedings is often financially beneficial for both sides involved in a given dispute.

Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

As of 1st April 2014, if two parties are involved in a dispute that may go to court, they must first go through a MIAMS mediation meeting. In this meeting both sides sit down in an open environment where views and opinions can be aired constructively. Furthermore, this gives both sides the opportunity to highlight their personal points of view and go into their arguments extensively. Usually MIAMS mediation meetings are successfully and before an issue goes to court, it is settled. However, when a dispute does go court, the judge must see that a MIAMS meeting has taken place as a pre-requisite.

Barclay and Devere

Our firm employs a strong team of professionals with years of experience in the mediation industry. We are experts in dealing with private and commercial disputes that occur due to of a range of circumstances.

Our rates are extremely competitive because we do not want our clients paying out thousands of pounds in legal fees, when the dispute can be solved for a more affordable fee.

Our company helps couples all over the Oxon area

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