What is the family mediation process?

What is the family mediation process?

Family mediation is a procedure by which you make arrangements with your partner while going through a separation period through mutual conversation or a dialogue. During this process arrangements are made on numerous issues like child care, financial issues, etc. Family mediation has gained popularity over general litigation due to the following reasons:-

1. Mediation is less expensive and easier on the pocket than normal litigation process. General litigation is an expensive affair and may cast a hole in your pocket.

2. A benefit of family mediation is that it is less time consuming and hence less stressful. This is primarily beneficial where there are children involved. This secures their future and doesn’t hamper their studies in any way. This is one of the primary reasons that family mediation has gained importance in the last few decades.

3. One advantage of mediation is that there is no nepotism or favoritism. All the parties involved are allowed to put up their viewpoints. This makes the procedure fair.

4. A benefit of mediation is that the whole process takes behind closed doors in a hush hush manner. The final decision is not disclosed to any third party. This means the parties involved are saved from washing their dirty linen in public.

5. Last, but not the least family mediation is a flexible process and not as stringent as general litigation. The mediators think of all possible ways to solve an issue.

Family mediation should not be confused with marriage counseling. Mediators try to make arrangements between couple in argument and try to make them understand the outcome of the divorce proceedings.

Family mediators are particularly helpful where children are concerned. It is a well known fact that judges are not particularly happy to see children in courtrooms. They prefer talking to them in closed chambers. Hence mediation is a much better option because they solve the whole matter in a comprehensive manner and they deal with children em-pathetically.

Family mediation deals with numerous topics such as separation, financial matters, prenuptial agreements, elder-care, alimony, etc.

Family mediation services reaches its final stage when both the parties meet their solicitors or lawyers. The lawyers draft an agreement which the parties involved have to sign. On the basis this dispute is finally settled.

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