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Mediation Makes Sense

It’s surprising, but the solution to seemingly impossible situations can often be resolved by simply talking about them in a neutral environment where all voices can be heard.

There’s often no need to attend court for answers to be battled out making already fragile relationships even worse. Sometimes it’s just a case of stepping back and calmly discussing all the options.

Legal representation can feel impersonal and cold, disconnected from your feelings and ignoring the traumatic time you are enduring. Mediation offers a more rewarding approach, with trained advisers who will encourage open and frank conversation between parties.

Whether you’re a couple in crisis, or can’t agree with a business partner, anyone with a dispute to resolve can benefit from our mediation service.

So before you consider court, consider Barclay DeVere – our professional advisers offer you: high success rates, local offices, fixed price packages and a friendly, confidential service – seven days a week!

When all seems lost, don’t forget, mediation makes sense!

All you should know about our mediation service Reading

Have you ever gone through a hard time in divorce or have you been part of divorcing parties?

It is obviously not an easy period since there is pain and hurting everywhere. Unfortunately, many people don’t take up their responsibilities as they are required but instead start playing blame games which are not good when kids are involved. In such a situation, it is wise to sit back and understand the period you are going through.

Therefore, it is wise to consider our mediation services which have proven very helpful in the recent past.

The best thing about mediation services is the process is voluntary.

As a result, in any voluntary service, impartiality is critical and is well portrayed by our mediators. In mediation services, you own the decision-making process hence it is cheaper than courts and solicitors where the decision is made by someone else.

Another advantage is that the relationship between the conflicting parties is maintained due to co-parenting in the future in issues concerning children and finances as well. Regardless of whether the decision makers are in the same room or separate rooms, the decision- making process is speeded up.

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MIAM Meetings and Why Barclay DeVere is the Right choice in Reading

Since April 2014, all couples who seek divorce or separation now have to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). Both parties may opt to attend the meeting separately.

In the MIAM, which is conducted on a one-to-one basis, a qualified family mediator explains about the process of mediation, and how it could be an easy and cheaper alternative to going through a Solicitor. The mediator explains the pros and cons of each option, and considers the individual’s particular circumstances to make an assessment of whether mediation is actually suitable.

Mediation is a voluntary process, but since it has been proven to be highly effective, the Ministry of Justice has made MIAM meetings compulsory as the first step of the divorce or separation process. The parties to the dispute can still opt for a court case, but more often than not, they realise that mediation is a better way of resolving the disputes. When it comes to appointing a mediator, Barclay DeVere is the best choice.

* The company has an established track record of handling many family mediation cases, including all connected issues such as property, money, assets, children, and more.
* The company offers professional services in a confidential and caring manner.
* The company has a success rate of 93%
* The costs are very low, starting from, just £99.00 per person. There are fixed price packages on offer.

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