Family Mediation – Resolving Conflict

Family Mediation – Resolving Conflict

Family Mediation – Resolving Conflict

Mediation service can be defined as an arrangement where you reach an agreement after some kind of family breakdown and property dispute. Mediation services have become quite popular nowadays than normal court litigation. Mediation services generally solve issues concerning:-

1. Family disputes

2. Property disputes

3. Custody of children

So, what are the benefits of family mediation services over normal court proceedings? Read on…

1. A mediation service is inexpensive and cost effective than normal litigation process.They resolve conflicts without casting a hole in your pocket.

2. They solve issues on neutral grounds and solve family disputes on an extremely professional ground. They do not engage in favoritism. The parties involved are assured that they will be fairly dealt with.

3. The proceedings are kept confidential and occur behind closed doors. No third party is involved. This ensures that the family matters are kept private.

4. It is less stressful than legal procedure and does not involve much bureaucracy. This reduces tension amongst the person involved in the dispute.

5. Another benefit of mediation service is that they do not take as much time as normal court proceedings. The disputes are quickly resolved. This is particularly beneficial if there is a child involved. The child’s future is at stake and he doesn’t have to suffer just because there is a case dragging on.

6. The best part of availing mediation service is that that the parties or the person involved in the dispute have a say in the final decision. They can not only actively participate in the whole procedure, but also give suggestions.

So, one can see mediation service scores over legal court procedures. Here are some pointers that parents must follow while availing mediation services:-

1. The parents should make sure that they do not utter harsh words about their exes while availing family mediation. This will not only nurture ill will, but at the same time make the case work against the favor of the speaker. Try and maintain decorum.

2. Also, during family mediation do remember that the child should not suffer in the long run. The child is not a trophy to be won, but a gift to be cherished. No hard feelings towards one’s ex spouse should be harbored in front of the child. This is vital.

3. During child custody or child arrangement cases do choose upon an arrangement that’s suitable for the child and in sync with his activities, his studies and most importantly his growing years. It should not hamper his future in any ways.

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