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South London Office

The Lansdowne Building,
2 Lansdowne Road,
Croydon, CR9 2ER

Tel: 0203 519 1213


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Mediation can help you avoid the stress and cost of court and find a settlement that works for both parties. A neutral mediator will facilitate a mutual, voluntary dialogue allowing both parties to reach an agreement.
Mediation works because, unlike in court, agreement is decided by the parties rather than a judge and gives you more control over what happens. Typically, this means that rates of compliance are high.
Mediation works for those who want a more direct say over the agreement, and those who want to avoid legal conflict.
Mediation is strictly confidential, mutual, and encourages dialogue and empathy between the parties.
Many prefer seeking mediation to court because:
– It is typically cheaper and quicker
– Both parties have more control over the agreement than in court
– Mediation encourages dialogue rather than conflict
– A good mediator can think outside the box and find solutions that satisfy both parties.
– Agreements can be changed as your circumstances change

Barclay DeVere- Experts at making it easier to resolve family disputes surrounding divorce and separation.


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Good Job

Even before the divorce proceedings begin it was already a headache for meself. One thing I was very clear about I wouldn’t waste my time n energy going through unnecesaary problem of dragging out every other issue n waste my time and energy into dis. Barclay devere helped me reaching solutions in almost no time.

– jessica
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