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Barclay DeVere Family Mediation Southampton/Fareham

Apart from emotions, the cost implications of going to court to settle disputes also heighten. Barclay Devere Southampton, we believe that mediation is definitely the best solution to resolve numerous disputes.

Our aim is to save your time, effort and money before things become legally uncontrollable.

Mediation involves the following:

• Mediation helps parent, couples and children in divorce conflicts
• It helps parents and extended family members settle family disputes
• It gives relief to victims of domestic violence
• It assists business owners and related parties to resolve business, money, assets and property conflicts
• It helps to end the anxieties of parties over civil, commercial, community disputes
• Mediation is carried out through an impartial, quick, and cost-saving discussion by caring professional mediation experts
• It is conducted on the time and schedule set by all the parties’ consensus
• As compared to solicitors or going to court, mediation costs less than 25% for divorce on average
• Even the Ministry of Justice prefers mediation all-out as compared to going to courts.

Progress To Suit Everyone

This isn’t an overbearing tribunal where lawyers or social workers lay down the law about your family; it’s an informal forum where you, your partner and your children can be heard and helped to reach a way forward that suits everyone.

Nobody is going to tell you to turn up; the decision to take part is entirely yours but is an important first step towards a more secure future.

Maybe separte rooms are needed at first but the important thing is to open communication and find common ground.

Impartial mediators will only be there to help everyone’s views are heard and to ensure those positions can be expressed freely and to help everyone remember a safe and positive way forward is best for all.

The opinions of both parents will be heard to help the family’s children and finances move on to a stable situation.

Others who have benefitted from this calm and inclusive approach found it possible to move forward to a promising future with a better understanding of each other’s position and a firm focus on reaching the best prospects for the children.

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Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) Southampton

Ever since the law changed on 22 April 2014, couples who are looking to divorce or separate in England and Wales now have to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), before they can get a court order for separation.

The rationale behind this move is the recognition that mediation can help the conflicting parties resolve their differences in a constructive way.

The Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) takes place with a specially qualified family mediator, who explains how mediation works as an alternative to the court process.

The mediator goes into details regarding the time it takes, costs, the process, and all other relevant details, and also lists the various options and services available.

This allows the disputing parties an opportunity to consider whether going to court is actually necessary to solve issues such as children, property, or assets connected with the dispute.

Mediation is a time tested solution and offers a win-win solution to both parties, saving both parties unnecessary stress, time and money.

It is a good idea to work with Barclay DeVere Southampton as your mediation company, for the following reasons:

* The company has an established reputation of working with parents, children, grand-parents, and other family members.
* The company has expertise to solve all outstanding issues including property, children, money, business, assets, and more.
* The company enjoys a success rate of 93 percent.
* The costs are low. The company offers fixed price packages that keep costs low.

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