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Barclay DeVere Family Mediation Service St Albans

Barclay DeVere mediation St Albans for your divorce problems

In our society divorce is a very frequent issue that many people struggle to fix. A divorce has different implications such as children and possession to share. In these cases, it reveals important to be supported. Some people called mediators can give you advice so it will be easier for you to sort out your problem.

– These mediators work because they want to help people to find a compromise or a resolution before going to court or avoiding it.

– Mediators work for every couple who is divorcing to help them with issues such as the custodianship of children or the possession of shared family assets.

– The principle of mediation is avoiding people quarrelling or wasting too much money to pay solicitors and going to court.

– Barclay De Vere St Alabans and its mediators help people to save money when they decide to divorce and this means at the same time peace of mind and the right solution for both parties.


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Mediation is the best choice to make when you have to go through a divorce for it has so many benefits. When comparing mediation to litigation it has many benefits and it is cheaper as well.

In the mediation process, it allows the spouse to both voluntarily agree on the participation if one person isn’t willing the process can’t be a viable choice. To both spouse are interested in and comfortable with their own decision making because this process allows self-determination that couples are in control of their decision making in their divorce.

This process third party only helps reveal relevant divorce issues and give option but without legal advice or decision of what should happen. Both spouses should be mentally capable in their own decision making.

To make this possible both partners are provided with the required information to aid in the decision made during the process but if one partner is not mentally capable the process can take place. Both spouses should be willing for transparent and engage through good faith discussion.

This process is based on transparency so both spouses will have to settle through good faith discussion.

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Mediation Information Assessment Meeting - MIAM St Albans

In England and Wales, it is now compulsory to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM), before approaching the court for divorce or separation proceedings.

MIAM is an attempt to provide the disputing family members an opportunity to settle their disputes in a positive and cost-effective manner, using the services of a mediator.

The specially qualified family mediator who counsels the applicant in a confidential one-to-one manner explains all details related to mediation, and other options involved. Usually, the parties to the dispute realise that mediation is a better way of resolving the dispute, compared to approaching a solicitor and file a court case.

If all parties to the dispute agree on mediation, the next step is the actual mediation process, where all issues connected to the dispute, including custody of children, division of property and other assets, and more have to be discussed and an amicable settlement acceptable to all parties reached.

It is a good idea to approach Barclay DeVere as the mediator.

Eliminate costly, Traumatic Court Battles

* Barclay DeVere is family mediation experts at a national level, with a high success rate of 93 percent.
The company has a wealth of experience in handling many mediation sessions, and all issues connected with family and business disputes.
* The mediators are skilled in bringing both parties to reach decisions acceptable to other parties.
* The company offers fixed price packages that keep costs very low.

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