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Barclay Devere offers mediation for conflicts big and small, from noisy neighbours to broken marriages, with a focus on family mediation. Our experienced mediators will help you reach an understanding with the opposing side, avoiding the draining and expensive process of lawsuits.

Professional mediators help two parties in dispute to see things from each others perspective, prevent unconstructive fighting and provide negotiation skills many people lack, creating an environment where conflicts are solved amicably.

Anyone finding himself in a struggle that seemingly can no longer be solved without the help of the law should consider mediation.

Mediation is always voluntary and confidential, the mediators are impartial and keep everyone involved focused on the future, not the past. The parties determine the content and the outcome of the mediation themselves.

Taking a struggle to court is almost guaranteed to end up being a lengthy, expensive affair, with an uncertain outcome you have little control over. Mediation leaves all decisions in your hands, simply helping all involved find a better way out.

MIAMS and Mediation 4 families in Disputes West London

As of 1st April 2015, all companies or individuals who are looking to take a dispute further will have to be involved in a MIAMS meeting.

This is were both parties sit down in a calm and comfortable environment and sides arguments are listened to. Before the conflict can be resolved, all opinions and facts need to aired in an arena where both parties feel as though they can speak openly.

If the dispute does go to court, then the judge will know if the parties have originally tried to solve the issue via mediation.

Why mediate?

Mediators are impartial parties who helps two or more group of people who are n dispute to negotiate something or to come to an agreement on a particular issue. They assist the disputing groups in reaching into a deal through using specialised negotiation and communication methods.

If you are a mediator, you the decision-making process in which you are not supposed to side on any opposing party. Being mutual on the decision making helps in giving out the best decision as you will not favor any party.

The mediation process is cheaper than courts and solicitors. When you decide to use courts and solicitors, you are more likely to waste a lot of time and money as you have to wait for thorough investigations to be done before the decisions are made and that process requires a lot of money.

Mediation also helps in maintaining the relationship that the parents will need in future co-parenting as decisions are always made based on the best interest of the children and the financial related issues.

When a case cannot be handled effectively by one mediator, decision making maybe sped by adding more mediators in the decision-making process. Decision makers may be in the same or separate rooms and after each group have come up with their final decisions.

Call 03300 100 082 to speak to one of our Mediators

Barclay Devere West London – What We Do

At Barclay Devere we are committed to delivering bespoke mediation services to both private and commercial clients.

We are the sensible alternative, so disputes do not make it into the court room.

Our dedicated team have decades of experience and deal with disputes, no matter how small, in a professional manner.

Our rates are extremely competitive, which means companies and individuals are not spending copious amounts of money on legal fees.