A How To Guide For The Step Parents!

What can you do if your ex is not allowing you to meet your step-children?

If there is no means of communication between you and your step children from your ex, then you can go for mediation. Mediation can make it possible for you. You must always consider mediation in such cases, the mediators offers special services like “shuttle” mediation in such cases. It can be very helpful to in forming an agreement between you and your partner and he/she will definitely endure this arrangement as compared to the court orders. In many cases mediation must be considered in any type of event before going for the court proceedings.
What to do if mediation have drawn a blank?

For this variety of options are available for you. You can seek advice from a solicitor, who is specialized in the family laws. There are chances that you can reach to an agreement with the help of a solicitor. Your solicitor might suggest you to make a court application or reaching to an agreement according to the situation in your case. This will help you in resolving the matter without any further conflicts. Oxford Mediation Service

How to go about making a court application?

The application will be filed for the “Child Agreement Order”, this is an order in which it will be decided who will get the custody of the children and how much time they can spend with each of their parent. The step parent will have to think about what they would like to ask the court to order. Like if occasional contact can sought your case, or you will need something more substantive like overnight stays.

A step parent, who was earlier married to one of the parents of the child’s parent will entitle to apply for a CAO, whether or not the marriage is over. The situation is not similar for the step-parent who was not in a marriage, in such cases legal advice is necessary. It could be that the parent will need the court’s permission before making their application.

After the court has issues the application, then the case will go according to the timetable. CAFCASS will talk to all the parties and will conduct an initial safeguarding checks, in order to advice the court whether there is any involvement of Social services or Police or not.
This is just the basic help guide for parents, you can ask for help from a good mediation service around you for your case.

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