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There are indeed several reasons to use the process of family mediation. Before getting into what it is a good idea to know a little more about what the mediation process at first. Family mediators are impartial third party who is highly trained to help in conflict negotiation with families, or really any group of people who are in conflict. Although we charge for these services they are especially small compared to the lawyer fees. In addition, lawyers are not always after what is best for the parties involved as the costs will be higher.

Mediators will not give legal tips, but always suggest that you use a solicitor to obtain independent Legal advice along the way of mediation.

Using a solicitor can be useful in helping and aiding you  and prevent the significant legal costs on this particular traditional course of ‘solicitor only’. Mediation gives people the opportunity in which to stay control of your unique decision-making, taking into consideration the typical information written by the mediator about the legal framework and the particular advice you receive from your solicitor.

The mediator will consult with you about the most effective timing when thinking about taking Legal tips. If you happen to be negotiating financial concerns, it may be helpful when you receive advice along the way, particularly around when you are developing choices. However, you can seek Legal advice at any stage before, during or after mediation if you think maybe it will support you in your negotiations and decision-making.

A solicitor can help you in your monetary disclosure, give advice about proposals into account or discuss other options you might need to raise in mediation. They can also enable you compare the options you are considering in mediation with the information you could expect you’ll achieve in courtroom.

In addition, with a solicitor, you should also seek advice from various other professionals, such as tax advisors, business accountants or advicers, online auctions, mortgage providers, financial and/or pension advisors while you are in mediation. The documents made by the mediator at the end of the method: an outcome summary or perhaps Memorandum of Understanding – are certainly not legally binding but you may take them your solicitor to make certain a legally presenting arrangement and/or draft order will probably be prepared. This is very important following financing and property mediation.




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