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If you ask a solicitor whether a fixed price divorce is possible they might not necessarily be able to give you a clear answer. In some ways this is an honest assessment. It is not always possible at the outset to know the legal costs that are involved in a court trial. New issues, and avenues for discussion, can arise, which can extend the time (and associated costs) of divorce proceedings. It is estimated that the legal costs of a divorce are in the order of twenty thousand pounds.

In comparison, the advantage of mediation is that it is possible to achieve a divorce settlement on a reasonable budget. Our fully inclusive price for an initial mediation meeting, including taxes, is only one hundred pounds. Each mediation meeting that you attend is charged at a competitive fixed price. This is a more reasonable, and efficient, way of conducting your divorce.

As mediation is much cheaper than legal proceedings, you might consider that it must be an inferior alternative. This is far from the case. Rather, mediation is a flexible solution to your issues. Our mediators will take you through the process from an initial meeting, where we discuss whether mediation is for you, through to a series of meetings which will end with you agreeing on matters which are disputed with your ex-partner. Mediation is a very flexible process where you decide upon the issues that are to be tabled, and how you are going to resolve them.

A proven record – 86% success rate on family mediation

With mediation, there are no hidden or secret costs. You will be informed of the cost of every meeting in advance and you can track how much you are spending on the sessions. We offer private mediation services and have an excellent track record in achieving successful resolutions.

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