Mediation Sessions

Mediation Session Was Scheduled as One Last Shot to Prevent Children Services Strike

For sure, anyone who undergoes a mediation procedure may find it a long, emotional process. However, this process is necessary to ensure the best interests of both parties are involved while resolving the associated disputes.

Last July 28, there was a scheduled mediation session and was attended by Montgomery County Officials and the unionized Children Services workers. The representatives of each group were reported to confirm late Wednesday.

The said scheduled mediation sessions occurred a few hours before the union, which was participated by a large group of Montgomery County child welfare caseworkers. The said union was scheduled at precisely 12:01 AM last July 19.  If you’re looking for mediation contact Barclay Devere for an experienced mediator for you today!

Montgomery Union Filed A 10-Day Strike Notice

According to Brianna Wooten, the county spokeswoman, and Jay Hay, President of Professional Guild of Ohio Council 12, the State Employment Relations Board mediators have the willingness to help the groups in reaching a tentative agreement.

Jay Hay says, “State Employment Relations Board called me, and there are two mediators who will be assigned to come down here to give it one last shot.”

In the past six months, both the local PGO union and the county have been consistently negotiating. The main reason behind the negotiation is to pay the raises in the ongoing contract on its 3rd and final year. The country made an offer for a package this spring that included the 3% raise while the local union was serious in pushing the 4% raise along with the additional 2% for the employees with particular evaluation ratings.

Furthermore, the local union pointed out that there should be the same raised where the other county employees had already received.

Rare Children Services strikes Held in Ohio

A State Employment Relations Board (SERB) fact-finder held the hearing related to the wage issues last May 29. Then, three weeks later, which sided with the proposal of the local union on paying the raises along with the adjustments.

However, last June 25, the commissioners of the county voted that the report should be rejected.

According to Wooten, without sharing any specifications, when both parties went back to the negotiation process in the previous week, the county has already offered a more generous package. Then, Administrator Michael Colbert said that Montgomery needs to be responsible stewards for paying tax.

Children Services is known to handle cases that involve child abuse and neglect, adoption and foster care, court proceedings, and crisis intervention. There is only one group of Children Services that has gone on the strike in the past fifteen years, which is a three-week Butler County strike that happened in 2014. This means that the current Children Services is second in history, making the strikes in Ohio very rare.

The said mediation session may be the last shot, but it ensures that the State Employment Relations Board is also trying its best to help the local union in their raise issues.

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