Is Mediation suitable where there has been Domestic Violence?

Many issues are there which are needed to be resolved when a relationship breakdown. These issues can be related to the custody of children, division of property and other financial matters. Through mediation the couple reach the most suitable decision after negotiation and discussions. There are various reasons for the separation of a couple and domestic violence is one of them. Now, the question is if mediation is a suitable option for couples who have experienced domestic violence or are still experiencing them . Some say that mediation should be ruled out in the cases which comprises domestic violence and abuse, and other agree to the fact that through good mediation skills one can bring a balance in the discussion between the couple who experience domestic violence. MK Mediation

Nowadays, mediators are trained to handle the cases of domestic violence, but they also prefer screening of cases, i.e. the unsuitable cases are rejected if they involve excessive violence and abuse. They first check the dynamics of violence and by the means of pre-mediation screening, extreme cases are struck out of the list. It might happen that level of violence increases after it is finalized for mediation, then in such cases the mediation can terminate the process and refer the couple to go for other better alternatives. The cases which involve domestic violence can be handled by performing mediation in a public waiting area, giving different arrival times or by shuttle mediation.

Mediation seems to be a better option, as it saves a lot of time, money and effort of both the parties, and even judges nowadays are referring people to go for mediation first and they are sensitized to mediation. Mediation can make you reach to a friendly solution, even in the cases of domestic violence. A mediator can be asked to resolve a case in which one partner is afraid of the other and might refuse to resolve the case through mediation. But still, it’s a confusion whether or not you can go for mediation if you are a victim of domestic violence, even the mediators are not comfortable sometimes while handling such cases, if the case is extreme then it is generally screened out.

You can go for Family Mediation in Chorleywood, if you are experiencing problems and issues in your married life. You will definitely find a suitable solution and if you are a victim of domestic violence and you are sure that your partner will not do such things in public, then you can perform mediation in a public area and save yourself from spending a lot in court proceedings and to expensive lawyers. Family Mediation services in Chorleywood are very reliable, you will definitely find a good mediator for your case.


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