New study shows 18% of married or cohabiting couples are in distressed relationships

A new research published by Relate shows that almost 2.87 million people across the UK are going through a distressed relationship, which accounts for astonishingly almost one in every five married or cohabiting couple.
Issues and disagreements about a variety of issues form the base of a distressed relationship, which ultimately leads to clinically significant negative impact on wellbeing of the partners. In a distressed relationship, couples regularly considered separation or divorce, quarrelled, felt unhappy and regretted their relationships. Such a distressed relationship may lead to health serious health issues as there is a link between relationships and health issues like depression, anxiety, risk of heart attacks and abnormal blood pressure.

Around 1.4 million UK families that’s nearly 22% of parents of under-16s reported a severe level of relationship distress. Such children who are under 16 years of age are most likely to be affected by this alarming level of relationship distress.

We understand the severity of this issue with concern about couples, especially families being pushed to the verge of breaking point due to poor quality of relationships. There are families which struggle to find any support in such need. We understand that if such families are being provided with proper counselling, they can seek a way out of such relationship distress, but it also comes with a significant cost that can discourage couples from seeking such help.

There are countless couples who suffer from such relationship issues. There is a disconnection between the partners which leads to such a level of painful distress.Pressure of jobs, finances and childcare are putting relationships into real strain that ultimately leads to distress. There is a huge impact on the spirit of the family due to distressed relationships. The cost that is associated with the counselling is not helping the cause of already distressed couples.

We provide impartial meditation services that are caring, confidential and cost effective to families which are going through distressed relationships. Our team of dedicated professional meditation experts offer highly effective services for eliminating distress through their experience and motivation. We listen to all the concerns that trouble such couples and enable them to reach a resolution, which is satisfactory and acceptable to all.
Our professionals are qualified and experienced to deliver an approach that is sensitive and constructive in all types of family disputes. We understand how traumatic such events can be for these families. We understand that involvement of children in the disputes pertaining to custody or access rights require special attention.
We strive to provide a safe, secure forum for the involved children that encourage them to be open and feel comfortable without any pressure from either parent.

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