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Almost everyone involved in a dispute with a partner, former partner or family member, especially during a marriage or civil partnership breakdown, can benefit from the mediation process. When children and personal finances are involved, the process can help resolve many related difficulties such as the contact and residency of children. The mediation process may also help to increase the levels of communication and cooperation between you and your partner/former partner. Experience has shown that mediation can bring about a reduction in the hostility that can often exist between parties. When this occurs it can be of direct benefit to those immediately involved, especially children.

Professional mediation, by its self-resolution process, can help couples in marital and partnership breakdowns to manage their future lives separately. This can include encouraging dialogue between them to resolve financial and property matters – and even the homing of their family pets.

It must be emphasised however, that professional mediators are only allowed to provide information and cannot pass judgement or influence the outcome of the mediation process in any way.

Barclay DeVere professional family mediators are also able to offer the same high levels of mediation to co-habiting partners and those within a civil partnership.

It is worth considering that the courts should always be the last resort in family disputes and should only be used when other attempts at a settlement have failed.


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Point to consider about the mediation process

  • Mediation is NOT a replacement to marriage counselling nor can it be used as replacement legal service to give advice
  • Barclay DeVere family mediators are available to offer an impartial self-resolution process that can help partners consider the wider implications of separating
  • If you are considering divorce or legal separation, we strongly recommend that you discuss the mediation process with your lawyer before contacting us
  • The mediation process is an informal and practical method of appropriate dispute resolution approved by (and in some cases required) by the Ministry of Justice
  • Family Mediators are fully trained professionals and operate to a strict code of practice
  • Mediators MUST remain completely impartial and will NEVER take sides
  • Anything said during the mediation process remains ‘without prejudice’ and cannot be used as evidence in a court case
  • As mediation is a self-resolution process, the decision to reach an agreement always remains with the participants who are in dispute
  • The disputing parties involved with the mediation process remain in total control over the way that the process is conducted and they are free to terminate the process at any time
  • The majority of mediations are successful & avoid the need to involve costly court action


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Due to my busy schedule, I and my family started to drift apart. When the issues were beyond our control, we thought of trying mediation service and thanks to these people all of our problems were solved and we are now happily living together.

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