Protecting Children Through Divorce

Protect Your Children Through The Stress Of Divorce


It is accurate to say that divorce is part of everyday life more today than ever before. It is very important to get the best legal advice as early as possible. You can explore your options by calling Barclay DeVere and speaking with one of our dedicated family lawyers. It is important, when children are involved, to protect them throughout the divorce. There are a number of good rules to help your children through an upsetting time: By explaining that both parents still love them in exactly the same way is very helpful in setting up a new life apart. See Barclay Devere Guildford

Arguments or heated discussion in-front of the children is especially harmful -they may already feel guilt and that their parent’s divorcing, may, in some way, be their fault. Children are very aware of hostilities. Keeping a level atmosphere with civil conversation will help them feel more reassured that divorce something you both agree too as parents.

It is also important to avoid letting children take sides. This includes decisions like who they’d like to live with more. Keeping decisions like these between you as the parents will help them feel that you’re both in control. Boundaries are important too. A mistake often made with older children is to confide in them in matters relating to the other parent. This is confusing and adds more pressure on to the situation. Keeping communication civil or respectful, when discussing family arrangements, is vital in reassuring your children that the new arrangement is made by both of you. Honesty helps to reassure children. Keeping your child in the loop helps avoid further confusion. Helping your children understand the reasons and potential outcome clearly, helps them come to terms with the future that lies ahead.

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