Smartphones – Text Messages A Way Of Getting Caught In The Act

Text Messages Can Get You Caught In the Act

Adultery has driven the plot of countless myths, legends and tragedies, inspiring writers, artists and songwriters since the dawn of history. The advent of the digital era and its consequential changes in the way we interact, however, come at a price for adulterous spouses: permanent tracks of private exchanges with a lover can easily end up in the hands of a significant other.  The Madame Bovary of today will not as easily get away with infidelity as her famous predecessor did, whose husband discovered her illicit affairs only after her death: every couple living together long term, at some point, takes a peek at each other’s personal conversations, whether it is out of the innocent curiosity of an otherwise perfectly trusting partner or the spawn of a burning, and sometimes well-founded, doubt. Barclay DeVere East London

We have heard countless stories of an unfaithful spouse caught through the discovery of some digital communication, being it an e-mail, a text or a confession journaled in a blog. According to a top UK based divorce lawyer, such events are especially likely to happen during the Christmas season, when couples spend more time together, often with unattended mobile phones. A text or email from a lover meant to convey their nearness in spirit may lead to the cheating partner getting caught. Discovering your spouse in adultery often leads to pain, resentment, anger and a loss of trust. Once this main pillar of every healthy relationship is gone, a divorce is inevitable. Barclay Devere Mediation Leatherhead

Any breakup is difficult to cope with, and sometimes even traumatic, especially when children are involved. Dealing with such a complex situation when at the mercy of strong feelings is tough. On the other hand, the law performs a clean cut, regardless of the emotional states, wishes and desires of those involved. This cold, sharp razor often leaves everyone dissatisfied; therefore it should be our last resort, used only when all else fails. Between the fury of Othello and the dryness of a divorce attorney there’s a small piece of land: it’s called “common ground”. Our mission is to help you in the endeavour of discovering it. Within it, an all-satisfying resolution can be reached at an affordable price, without resorting to expensive litigations.

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