Teenage Girls and fear to Men

Teenage Girls and fear to Men

Teenagers the world over are prone to waves of identity searching and also to experimental tendencies with their sexuality. Recently Tatler magazine published an article offering flirting advice to girls who are 13 years old to use on middle aged men. This resulted in an uproar through Twitter by feminists who decried the advice.

The tips included how to behave irresponsibly and even almost at a criminal level to get then to be provided with luxurious and essential items. Among them was country weekends and holidays to exclusive resorts like St. Tropez. The outcry was on the tutelage of such young girls on seduction techniques and their exposure to men at a tender age.

However there was no reaction describing what the men would get on the flip side as Teenage girls offer Danger to Men. We live in an age that is preoccupied with paranoia about paedophiles with Operation Yewtree that is comparable to McCarthyism that hunted rednecks in the Cold War in the 1950s. There are several front page exposures of paedophiles like Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris.

The rule in Britain is that a paedophile is guilty until proven innocent and thereafter even if he is acquitted he is still considered one. Few men are predators but the majority are not causing worry to men who work with teenage girls who are worried of being accused of paedophilic acts. This means they are constantly aware of being treated like suspects.

Two universities, Bedfordshire and Nottingham Trent found that there are more female primary school teachers than men because men fear being tagged as paedophiles and few availing themselves for recruitment.

Several male teachers spoke to me about their reputations being destroyed by teenage girls who entrap them and post pictures in social media of them as paedophiles. There is a new pastime of teachers being set up and their photos being used to demonstrate them as perverts. These include photos at the playground of glances and gestures that are innocent and manoeuvred. They are used as black mail or posted on the social media sites and lead to suspension which is compulsory of the teacher while waiting for full investigations. This has given undue power to pupils.
The result is that male teachers are not applying for teaching positions in primary schools and many are living the secondary schools. In addition due to the large number of single parent families which the centre for Social Justice anticipates will reach the 2 million mark in 2015. There is a lack of male role models in the lives of the youth.

These teenagers are sexualized early due to their exposure to porn and twitter before they are of the legal age to consent. It is up to us to teach them what to do. As we warn the girls about flirting with men, we need to let them know that it also can affect men’s lives. It is amazing that not a single woman who responded to the Teen Tatler raised this concern and the assumption was that the men agreed to teen girls advances. —

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