Family Mediation Process – Why Barclay DeVere?

You can be confident that when you consider using Barclay DeVere as mediators, your case will be handled with care, consideration and sensitivity. We are professionally trained mediators. Most of our team are legally trained and may still be practising solicitors or barristers in specialist fields such as Family or Commercial Law. Barclay DeVere mediators have a thorough understanding of the legal system and are familiar with the UK courts system.

Regardless of their legal experience, those specialising in family mediation are required to complete rigorous training under the guidance of a Family Mediation Council accredited training organisation that is a member of an officially recognised body. These organisations include the Family Mediators’ Association, Resolution, ADR Group, The Law Society, National Family Mediation or The College of Mediators.

The family mediation process works to exacting standards. Family mediation, in particular, requires each family mediator to have the support of a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) who will act as their supervisor/mentor throughout their career. The PPC’s role is to offer help, support and guidance to the mediator to ensure that the most impeccable, ethical and professional standards are maintained at all times.

Family Mediation Process 

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Mediation training and the maintenance of professional standards is an ongoing process. Professional mediators are required to regularly demonstrate that they are current with all aspects of their profession, including keeping up-to-date with any appropriate changes in the law. Mediators are required to maintain the same exemplary professional standards as those working in other recognised professions.

The family mediation profession is governed by the Family Mediation Council who liaise with Government and other interested parties such as the Legal Services Commission and the Ministry of Justice.


Call us on 0203 519 1213 or 03300 100 082 to learn more about the family mediation process

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I am really surprised about the professionalism of these people. We told them many thing and they kept their promise as all the information was kept confidential. Thank you guys, I couldn’t have asked for more.

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