Local mediation service for Hampshire

Local mediation service for Hampshire

Barclay Devere Mediation Local mediation service for Hampshire

Local mediation service for Hampshire

What does our local mediation service for Hampshire offer?

Our highly trained and the specialist team is qualified and equipped to deal with disputes. These disputes could be relationship (divorce) settlements, disputes including children and we even help with domestic violence and preparation for court.

Our local mediation service for Hampshire is 89% successful. If you feel like your dispute can no longer be resolved without someone to make sure your argument doesn’t turn violent or nasty (especially with the presence of children) then we can help you. Our team will let both parties talk and will work to make the other party understand where they are coming from. This could be the last resort for many families and so we take each case with the respect it deserves.

Our team is also specialized in working with children who may be caught up in family disputes, or children that are causing a problem for the family.

We work to ensure that the child is in a safe environment, and so they can understand why their family is arguing without directly subjecting the child to shouting or violence. Having a mediator is a proven method to help save families and relationships.

Even if the dispute ends with a separation of some description, each party will have been given that time to get each other to understand their point of view. This usually means that families are more able to work together in a civil manner for the sake of their children because their dispute has arrived at a mutual understanding by both parties.

Each member of our family mediation team is an accredited member of a Family Mediation Association organization and is supported by a Professional Practice Consultant.

Our service is invaluable and can be the make or break for many family relationships. Our team also helps with court preparation and helps families and couples understand the court process. Understanding the court process is really important, especially if children need to be involved.

Children will be able to work with our team to help them understand what will happen in court and why. Our local mediation service for Hampshire is definitely something to consider as the best path for your family.

How do I contact the mediation service?

Please call: 03300 100 082 to get through to our family mediation specialists who will guide you through any queries you may have.